Prescription FAQ’s

1. How do I refill my prescriptions?

Prescriptions can be refilled by:

  • Phoning and leaving a message on our prescription line
  • Using the patient portal to request refills
  • Calling to speak with a receptionist

Refills are taken care of throughout the day in between patient visits and as time allows. We ask for a 24 hour turnaround time for refills.

2. I’m certain I need an antibiotic; can one be phoned in without a visit?

In order to preserve our commitment to quality care, requests for antibiotics require an appointment.  It is impossible to diagnose and accurately treat an illness without an office visit.  This is a policy established by the physicians.

3. Why weren’t there refills on my prescription?

Medications that are taken for chronic conditions (ex: high blood pressure, diabetes, depression) need to be periodically evaluated by your physician for both effectiveness and safety; this can only be accomplished during an office visit.  Lab tests are frequently also needed.  If your physician feels that you require an appointment for further refills, you will be notified by the office.

4. How do I get my prescriptions through mail order pharmacy?

Many insurance companies are now requiring patients to use mail order pharmacies; our office is able to electronically submit your prescriptions on your behalf.  Please note that it may take 1-2 weeks for you to receive your medications from them.

5. Can a refill be phoned in by the on-call physician?

It is our office policy to refill prescriptions during office hours only.

No prescriptions will be filled outside normal office hours, except for emergencies.  Lost prescriptions are rarely considered to be an emergency. No prescriptions for narcotic medications will be filled for patients by the physician on call.